Intolerable Cruelty Response

12 Dec

Intolerable Cruelty

The movie follows the attempts of divorce lawyer, Miles Massey, to win the affections of gold-digging Marilyn Rexroth.  Clooney’s portrayal of Massey is endearing as is Catherine Zeta-Jones as his love interest.  As a representative of her current, extremely wealthy husband in their divorce, Massey prevents Marilyn from milking her husband’s wallet in the divorce.  He hopes that she will turn to him as a new source of support once penniless.  However, in the end, the gold digger prevails and marries another man of extreme wealth leaving Massey out in the cold.

Is Intolerable Cruelty a satire of divorce American style or rather a satire of the marriage industry?

This movie can be seen both ways; however, it is more of a satire of the marriage industry.  Both characters represent the opposite side of the spectrum.  Massey is an attorney dedicated to helping tycoons keep their money whereas Marilyn is a gold digger intent on milking those same tycoons.  What audiences might miss in a traditional romance is the “love conquers all” ideal that everyone will live happily ever after.  In this case, the movie provides a satirical view of the marriage industry where love is last on the list of priorities and money rules the day.


One Response to “Intolerable Cruelty Response”

  1. lordbyrne December 21, 2012 at 10:41 pm #

    10/10. JB.

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