Inception Response

12 Dec


This movie questions the morality of mind control during sleep.  The main character Cobb, played by Leonardo DiCaprio is tasked with entering people’s dreams to attain information.  The rules change when he is asked to plant an idea within another’s dream, not simply report on his findings.  This idea of “inception” has not been legalized and has no government or medical oversight.  It is dangerous because it makes people question reality and lose control over their innermost thoughts.  Additionally, it presents risks for those entering others’ dreams.  The question of reality is a thread that follows throughout this movie including the suicide of Cobb’s wife who believed she was dreaming.  As Cobb accepts a mission to plant an idea in the mind of a rival energy company, he realizes that inception is inherently flawed and works to find a true reality.

How does Inception resemble a video game? How is it different?

The movie resembles a video game in that the physics and architecture of the dream can be manipulated and created.  Additionally, once inside the dream, the adventurer is on a “do-or-die” mission with the subconscious subjects who pursue them.  Like video games, inception is addictive to players.  The adventurer must find a key piece of information much like in a video game where the player needs to find hidden items.  Once in the game, the player enters a new reality separate from their own life.  Unlike in games, within the movie Inception, these reality lines blur.  The reality within the game can be extracted into real life as valuable information. 


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  1. lordbyrne December 21, 2012 at 10:40 pm #

    10/10. JB.

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