I’m Not There Response

12 Dec

I’m Not There

This movie presents six distinct characterizations of Bob Dylan at different times in his life.  Instead of following one character, it suggests that at different times in our lives, we can seem completely foreign to the person that preceded us and the person we will become.  Like Across the Universe, this movie is set to the music of a single musical act.  However, in this movie, the musician is also the subject.  Each character portraying Dylan emerges from a crossroads, embodying one of Dylan’s distinct characteristics. The many stages of Bob Dylan’s personal and professional life emerge from the piece giving perspective to his multifaceted personality.


How does the film I’m Not There show the postmodern idea that identity is fluid and socially constructed? How does the director Todd Haynes show that sexual and gender identity are fluid and socially constructed?


The very notion that one person can be portrayed through the use of six distinct characters, each representing a trait or time certainly enhances the feeling of a fluid identity.  When surrounded with different social influences, Dylan sees himself as a completely separate person from who he was before or will be after.  He defines himself through this social lens or construct.  Even race is not a barrier to the characters used, suggesting that Dylan’s identity can be seen even across racial divides.  Additionally, the women in this movie seem to drive the male characters, not simply succumb to the traditional “woman-sufferer” role.


One Response to “I’m Not There Response”

  1. lordbyrne December 21, 2012 at 10:40 pm #

    10/10. JB.

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