Across the Universe Response

12 Dec

 Across the Universe

                The movie begins with Jude played by Jim Sturgess in 1960’s England leaving for America to find his father.  He arrives thinking his father will be a professor at Princeton but is dismayed to find that he is the janitor there.  Additionally his father has a new family and seems disinterested in pursuing a relationship with Jude.  Jude bumps into Max, a free spirit who is failing out of school.  The two become friends and Max brings him home for a family holiday where he introduces Jude to his sister, Lucy, played by Evan Rachel Wood.  Even though both of them are technically in other relationships, the two flirt with each other from a distance.  Lucy’s boyfriend is in Vietnam and Jude’s girlfriend is in Britain.  When Lucy’s boyfriend dies, she is drawn to Jude for support.  Lucy, Max, and Jude go to New York for the summer.  While they are in New York, they experience the culture of the time including drugs, music and anti-war protests.  To Lucy’s horror, Max is drafted.  This triggers changes for Lucy who becomes an anti-war activist.  At the end of the movie, Max is injured and returns home.  After a brief deportation period, Jude reunites with Max and eventually Lucy.

Write about how drugs are represented in Across the Universe.

Drugs are represented in Across the Universe through the use of astounding imagery.  While they do not actually show the characters engaging in drug use, it can be assumed that they are under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs.  This is suggested by the psychedelic images that surround them.  An excellent example of this is the musical piece, “Because” which includes spiraling camera techniques and a “rippling” sky.  The characters are positioned in a circular pattern in the grass, seemingly strung out.  Additionally, the famous underwater scene of “the kiss” includes even more bizarre images of nudity and weightlessness.


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  1. lordbyrne December 21, 2012 at 10:42 pm #

    10/10. JB.

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